Sports Defined


Sports Definition

Sports is an activity and what separates this activity from any leisure activities has many sources, but among the most accurate ones is the definition that is provided by Sports Accord. According to Sports Accord, in order for any activity to be entitled a sporting activity, it has to fit the following criteria:

  • There has to be a level of competition
  • It can’t be harmful towards any living being
  • Does not rely on sports equipment that is delivered by one single equipment supplier.
  • Does not rely on luck in any of its aspects.

Sports can be categorized into certain categories. This includes physical sports, such as athletics, rugby, basketball and others, as well as mind sports such as Go or Chess or motorized sports like power boating or Formula 1. There are some sports that do not rely on physical challenge like electronic sports but they are not recognized on an international level by most mainstream sports organizations.


The existence of the competition element is one of the defining elements of any sports, as most professional sports have to include a level of competition. In these sporting events, the players involved in the game will be classified according to the result. This classification can include two teams such as football, rugby, basketball and baseball or it can be a single player sport like boxing and athletics.

In athletics, the players are usually divided into groups that have comparable performance like age, weight, gender and so on. The results can be subjected or objective, the result can also be corrected according to the rules by the implementation of penalties and handicaps. The result can be also decided according to a group of judges, such as in diving, gymnastics or boxing to name a few.