Understanding Gaming


Understanding the Different Gaming Terms

There are many terms that are related to gaming that people use interchangeably without knowing the difference, here are some of these terms:

Game Design:

This is the least used term and it is also the most complex one. Game design includes all of the different aspects that are involved with the creation of the game. It is similar to the steel skeleton of a building, which holds everything together.

Game design is identified as one of the subsets of the development of the game. It is the process of creating and designing the rules and the content of the game while it is still in its pre production phase. It also includes designing the storyline, the characters of the game, the game play and the environment.

Game Mechanics:

The mechanics of the game is the term used to describe how the game operates. It is about the interaction between the player and the game. For example, what will happen when a player clicks on a certain thing, what will he hear, what will pop up and what will he see. The game mechanics are what allows players to enjoy an interactive and an engaging gaming experience while playing the game.


Gamification is identified as adding the elements of the game. Gamification has to be the most commonly used term as people use it when they refer to Game Design or Game Mechanics. Gamification is about adding elements to the game that will make the game more fun and engaging for the players. It works by taking advantage of the psychological predisposition of humans in order to engage in the game. This technique can make players do things that they might find very boring in real life such as shopping, reading websites, doing surveys and more.